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Detail About E-Learning

The traditional classroom is merging with the online world, and students need to know how to function in this blended learning environment. E-Learning creates a safe entry-point for young students to begin navigating the online world and allows them to become comfortable on the internet. E-Learning will teach children basic computer skills like typing, sending emails, working with PDFs, and dealing with online videos and files.

With the various innovations in communications networks hitting the world, it is interesting to note that the traditional means of imparting knowledge in schools and colleges have also been impacted to a considerable extent. 

Nyatsime College has not been left behind in developing a new channel of scholastic distribution that allow teaching and learning to continue from anywhere. Nyatsime College together with its technical partners have  launched ubuntu elearning platform  on https://www.ubuntu.ac.zw/

The elearning platform is based on Moodle which  is the most widely used Learning Management System in the world, with well over 100,000 registered implementations worldwide supporting over 170 million learners. Moodle’s open-source project is managed by a dedicated team at HostingZw.

E-Learning Services

Please contact Nyatsime College E- Learning support at support@nyatsimecollege.ac.zw

E-Learning Home

The ubuntu eLearning platform site home is https://www.ubuntu.ac.zw/



E-Learning Tips

Where From

The College was founded on August 11,1960 by the late Professor Stanlake, the first African graduate in Mashonaland ….

The Application Process


E-Learning Portal

Nyatsime College E- Learning portal is https://www.ubuntu.nyatsimecollege.ac.zw/.The E-Learning portal can also be accessed through the website.


Logging In

To login to the E-Learning portal you need your Username and Password.The username and password has been communicated by Nyatsime College Admin. If you are not sure contact  support@nyatsimecollege.ac.zw



After logging in you are taken to the dashboard.